The New York Times reports that the World Health Organization is declassifying Transgender as a mental condition.  Unlike homosexual or bi-sexual individuals, a transgender individual may be dependent on a physicians treatment for hormones.  It is changing the I.C.D. (International Classification of Diseases) classification for a mental disorder to a sexual health issue.  They are looking at changing the name from “transsexualism” to “Gender Discordance.”  What do you think?  For someone to get health coverage for their hormones the I.C.D. has to have a classification.  What classification would convey respect and inclusion for the need for hormones for trans people?

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  1. The way I see it, because my trans-ness is something I seek medical treatment for, it must be a medical condition. This doesn’t mean I’m ashamed of it (cultural baggage aside.) It just follows logically, in my view.

  2. I completely agree with you. The medical community is struggling between having it listed in a way that insurance will continue to pay for treatment and being sensitive that the classification is not inferring trans-ness as an illness or disease.

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