How do you know if it’s really consent?  Are the lines really blurred or are we just talking about it more.  After pushing sex talk in the closet for generations, maybe there is something to be said about taking sex talk out of the closet and opening up.  Abstinence only education has left us without the group/social education of knowing when it is OK to proceed and when to stop.  With the high numbers of date rape out there, maybe we should talk about it.  We should keep talking about it.  Consent is important for both people.  Being clear that no means no.  Yes means yes.  And making sure that yes is still yes is crucial to having a healthy sexual relationship with the people you care about.  Communication is key:



Thanks for watching the video.  I work as a relationship counselor for couples and families in Fort Collins Colorado.  If you have questions in your relationships you may contact me on my web page.

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