is breaking a taboo.  It is all about womens pleasure!  What is it that works?  The group of researchers found that there are more ways to please a woman than they previously thought and these techniques also have many “delicious variations.”  The website combines the wisdom of over 2000 women from ages 18-95. OMGyes – how it works

Women’s pleasure has been taboo for many generations and throughout history.  The diagnosis of Hysteria was considered, in Greek mythology, as the base of the birth of psychology!   An Argonaut Melampus, a Greek physician, spoke of the women’s madness as derived from their uterus being poisoned by venomous humors, due to a lack of orgasms and “uterine melancholy.”  Moving forward in history is Plato argued that a uterus would be sad if not joined with a man and creating children.  It seemed to be that Hysteria was all about the uterus.  Women were the origins of evil or weakness because of their uterus.   In the 13th century, Hysterical women were subjected to exorcism.

Hmmm, when we look to modern history, think of when you learned about “sex education” in school.  There was no change from my sex education in school and my daughter’s, it was all about having a period or where the baby grows.  I don’t remember anyone saying; you have a clitoris, this is the labia major or labia minora, you have a “g” spot inside your vagina.  That was relegated to Cosmopolitan magazine.  Well, the “g” spot was all over the magazines.  There was no mention of a Labia.  I was much older until I started to understand what the rest of my anatomy was.  Our sexual pleasure is such a taboo that Cosmopolitan magazine has to have the areas of the coverthat discuss womans sexual pleasure hidden from view in the stores.

Womans’ pleasure: wisdom and worthy of attention.

This website is a great place to learn either alone or with your partner.  If you are looking for a therapist for your struggles with intimacy or relationships, my office is in south Fort Collins Colorado.

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