Are you trying to raise your children separately from your former spouse?  When you and your partner are in different households, the parenting is different.  At times, the conflict between parents spreads from a former partner to the children.  What can a parent do?  Are the children going to get confused because the rules are different at each house?  Will my child be OK?  How do I cope?

Some things that make the transition easier for children include: Parents need to keep their conflict to the adults and not spread to the children.   Parents should allow children to maintain loyalty to the other parent too.  Both of these can be very difficult if there was a lot of conflict before the separation.

Parenting can be difficult together.  It can be very complicated when parenting separately. If the parenting separately gets unmanageable you may want to work with a marriage and family therapist.  When the children are young during a parents divorce, play therapy may be beneficial to help a child get through the transition.


Article: Ten rules for post divorce parenting

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