Imagine the changes in our society if all students in all schools received education in stress management and coping skills.  How many more would decide to go to trade school or college?  How many less would pick up a gun or addiction?Teaching teenagers to cope with social stress can help teens to avoid depression and anxiety.

As teens are growing and moving toward adulthood there can be conflict with parents as well.  How much freedom should I give my teenager?  Is this normal behavior or should I be concerned?  Stress can push teens in the direction of self harm or dangerous behaviors. If parents become concerned then it may be time to work with a marriage and family therapist.

Meditation for children  can help them to cope with their stress.  They can learn to express their feelings and manage anger in a positive way.

Sometimes the stress of childhood can become so intense that children can’t cope.  If you see your children acting out in ways that seem more intense than the situation at hand, there may be more to the behaviors.  Seeking the assistance of a play therapist can help children learn to cope with their trauma, loss or stress.  The play therapist can also help parents understand the triggers for the behaviors and stress to help children manage their feelings and therefor behavior.

I work in Fort Collins Colorado as a Marriage and Family Therapist.  I work with children, teens and parents as they are working through change, trauma, stress or loss.  If you are looking for someone to work with please contact me here.

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