Are you struggling in your current relationship?  Maybe you are having the same fight over and over again?  Do you think that something needs to change?  I work with couples like you. We will work together to unravel what isn’t said.  What your needs are that have been left unsaid.

I work with couples to redefine their connections utilizing proven therapy techniques.  Emotionally focused couples therapy uses a systemic view of the relationship and the bond of attachment between the couple to understand and heal the relationship.  Couples therapy is a specialty that requires extensive additional training.  This is a passion of mine and I continue to train in the techniques that I use.

Couples have patterns in relationship that are either driven by connection or fears of disconnection.  We work through the patterns in relationship that create distance and isolation.  Creating new connections where disconnections used to be, couples create safe spaces for each other.  This new emotional bond creates lasting connection.  You can read more about what to expect in couples therapy here.

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